History Of The Company

You work hard, day and night, and one fine day, see yourself grabbing the place you worked hard for. Dream came true! But soon after, you come across another lurking dream and decide to take risk. You start from the scratch, work hard, yet again, day and night, and hey presto! You nail it!


Dr. Jai Ram Singh Rana risked the unusual, dreamt and in the late 1980s laid the foundation of ‘Sisodia Metal Industries’. It didn’t take long for the company to emerge as one of the biggest names in the sanitation world. The hard work imbibed by Dr. Rana made the company attain new heights every day. Now, more than 30 years down the lane, it is evident how diligent efforts can change something from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

We never took our success and customers for granted. We never compromised, neither with our efforts nor the quality of the products. Satisfaction of the consumer has always been our main concern for we know if we won’t take care our customers, someone else will and we definitely won’t let that happen. We work for the contentment of our customers and are now the leading suppliers in different parts of India and the world including Dubai, Sri Lanka, Moscow, Oman and more.